Vanessa Puschmann(*1978 in Bavaria) is a Bremen based artist. She is focused on body/corporeality, identity, spirituality and social themes. She searches for the connection between nature and human beings.

She works as a solo artist and also in collaboration projects.
To illustrate her questions she uses a mixture of different disciplines. So you can find paintings,photography, drawings and texts. Vanessa also uses the medium of theatre, performance and dance connected with textile art and fashion. She is looking for the stories in clothes and uses textiles to create new things.
For her quest she also uses her knowledge and know-how which she gained through her cultural and religious studies (Magister, University of Bremen), her education as a dressmaker and her theatre experiences.
So she has many tools, different ways and numerous points of view to find answers.


2015 “Abschied”. Schamanische Tanzperformance. Konzeption und Kostüm. Abfertigung, Bremen.

2014 “Grube Morgenrot”. Experimentelles Theater. Kostüm. Berlin, Marzahn.

2014 “JoJo”. Part of 100° Festival, Berlin. Publikumspreis 2014.

2013 Common Exhibition. “Plastic Dreams”, Photography. Part of “Industrial Nature” by Random 05 . Galerie AT//EX L&G Atelier. Berlin, Neukölln.

2013 Common Exhibition. “Kampf der Giganten”, Installation. Part of “Industrial Nature” by Random 04 . Galerie AT//EX L&G Atelier. Berlin, Neukölln.

2013 Workshop “Body & Space Experiments – Experimentelle Körper- und Raumerfahrungen” im Rahmen des MitOst-Festivals. Leipzig.

2013 Common Exhibition “Zwangsjacke.Neue Betrachtungsweise & Interpretation”. Photography. Part of “KUNST IST VER_RÜCKT”- Festival, Leipzig.

2013 Common Exhibition. “Launische Novizen“.Paintings. Part of “IM OSTEN VIEL BLAUES. Blaue Kunst und (Ost-) Blues”.www.movingpoets.org

2013 Solo-Exhibition. “Zwanglos“. Photography. Galerie “Kleiner Salon“, Berlin.

2013 Solo-Exhibition. “Zwanglos“. Photography. Galerie “Je Regrette”, Berlin.

2013 Solo-Exhibition. “In Teilen Ganzes”. Drawings, Paintings, Photography. 48h Neukölln. Polymedialer Ponyhof, Berlin.

2013 “JoJo”. Part of “at.tension 2013. Theaterfestival”. Kulturkosmos. Flugplatz Lärz.

2013 “JoJo”. Ein VideoTanzMärchen. Berlin. Produktionsleitung, Kostüm, Maske, Dramaturgie. Premiere bei “48h Neukölln”.

2012 „Djangos fahrende Flickwerkstatt“. Ein Gewinner Projekt des Wettbewerbs „Kultur im Dialog“, ausgelobt von MitOst und der Schering Stiftung.

2012 „Die Wiederkehr der Plastikantilope”.Fashion-Tanz-Performance.Polymedialer Ponyhof,Berlin.Produktionsleitung,Kostüm,Choreographie.48h Neukölln.

2010 “Die umnebelte Unterfütterung der geilen Antilope”. Fashion-Tanz-Performance. Polymedialer Ponyhof, Berlin. Produktionsleitung, Kostüm, Choreographie.

2008 Temporäre Mikronation „Ephmeristan“, Bremen. Mitorganisation und Teilnahme als Künstlerin.

2007 Temporäres Wohnexperiment „Sproutbau“, Bremen. Teilnahme als Künstlerin.