Body and Space Experiments - Experimentelle Körper und Raumerfahrungen

The project „Body And Space Experiments – Experimentelle Körper- und Raumerfahrungen. A Photographical Project” was a collaboration project with Doroteja Jakovic, Angie Jayes and Sophia Wendler. It happens 2013 throughout all seasons in the urban space in Berlin. Through performative experiments the participants made experiences with their body, their feelings, the space, the people. Everything was documented by the camera. They used various methods such as “dressing up, self-staging, borders of yourself and others, normality, space, body” and in this way they experienced themselves anew. They wanted to experience the relationship between body and space – space and body. Their performances always happened in the public urban space. They started in a private place with dressing up, talking, make up. Then they went out and started to perform. Sometimes they had contact to people, sometimes not. They also wanted to experience the difference between the seasons, so they started in winter and finished the first part of the project in autumn.
They decided to give their experiences to others and started with workshops. The first workshop took place at MitOst-Festival 2013 in Leipzig. It was really interesting to be in another role and see others perform and what happens in another space. More workshops following.

In 2014 the second part of the project will start with a new and more focused view. The team will move to Croatia to work there. More infos soon!

Projectteam: Sophia Wendler, Doroteja Jakovic, Angie Jayes, Vanessa Puschmann
Idea, Costumes, Photography, Perfoming: Vanessa Puschmann
Photography, Performing: Sophia Wendler
Performers: Angie Jayes, Doroteja Jakovic, Julia Förster, Simon, Mischa Badasyan