Die Wiederkehr der Plastikantilope

Choreography, music, productions: Kay Kastner
Choreography, costumes, productions: Vanessa Puschmann
Music: Pregnant by Fragment
ScharzWeiß-Fotos: Jan Bullwinkel
Entwurfsskizzen: Vanessa Puschmann

“Die Wiederkehr der Plastikantilope” is a collaboration project with Kay Kastner. It was presented at “48h Neukölln 2012″.
Vanessa and Kay worked with 9 dancers and experimental actors. This show was a mixture between performance elements, dancing theatre and fashion show. They illustrated the questions of identity and corporeality. Is it possible to live the way you want or not? They also searched for the relationship between personality and status/style. The contrast between inner feelings and the way you stage yourself.

See the film:


Plastikantilope in Farbe

Plastikantilope Schwarz-Weiß