Launische Novizen

“Launische Novizen” was a project Vanessa did in her studio which was a place where you can find a mixture between nature and industry. The place was abandoned for a long time and she could find many interesting stuff there. Marks from all the people who came here in the past. So she felt really inspired and used some wood she found there – it was from an old cupboard. She used it like it was and tried to feel all the emotions around her. All emotions she could find about human being….stayed here at this place. All the stories and things happened here had left marks you can feel if you`re sensitive. And there she could find many emotions and energy. Not only positive.
So these guys came into extistence. It was like a birth.
About months before she was experimenting with emotions and mimik in different ways. So this project was part of a longer history.

The project was shown at the Art Festival “Kunst am Spreeknie”, part of Moving poets` “IM OSTEN VIEL BLAUES. Blaue Kunst und (Ost-) Blues”.