“Sproutbau” was a temporary project 2007 in Bremen. About 70 international artists lived and worked together in a high-rise block in Bremen Tenever, which was demolished at the end. Vanessa was part of this project. She lived and worked there the whole month. In this time she researched the character of clothes and their recycling related to their owners, stories, material and environment. She was part of a textile studio with other artists. At the end of August “Sproutbau” arranged a festival with exhibitions, readings, performances and concerts all over the house. The textile studio presented its work in a final fashion performance during the festival.
Fotos: Sandra Dürkopp.
For more information: Sproutbau. Ein Sommer im Beton. Wohnen und Kunst im Abrisshaus, Edition Temmen, 1. Aufl. (1. Januar 2009), 191 Seiten.